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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I would not and could not be an
organizer today without the
training I received from my mom
I realized as I started writing this that my mom should have really been my #1 organizing resource.  I mean, honestly, if it wasn't for her multi-colored calendars, labeled toy bins and to do lists there is no way I could be in the position I am in today.  And not only was she a teacher and trainer, she was an inspiration for me starting my business.  

When I saw some of my friends struggling to keep their heads above water after having kids, I thought back to my childhood and the techniques my mom used to keep her five kids in line.  This was the inspiration for starting my business.  I wanted to help moms feel less stressed and more organized using techniques I had learned and applied from my mom.  She created storage from egg cartons and shoe boxes before The Container Store.  She had color coded calendars before people even uttered the word Google.  And for this (and so many other reasons) she is one of my favorite organizing resources.

Do you have an organizing inspiration?  Tell me about it below!

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