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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Spring and Summer travel is right around the corner (thankfully).  In an effort to try to use my smartphone to its fullest capacity, I've found ways to utilize it more while traveling with my family.  For example, when planning our recent winter getaway, I discovered I can bookmark addresses in my Google maps while researching so I know where they are once we arrive at our destination.  Start by entering the address of the location.  When the location and travel time screen pops up, slide the address up.  You will see an option with a star to save the location.  Hit the star.  Now this site will be added to "Your Places".  When we were stuck with a particularly rainy day, I remembered reading about an aquarium nearby that I had saved to my places and opened my Google maps.  Next thing we knew we were on our way (and not stuck in a hotel room with 2 stir crazy toddlers).  But that is only the tip of the awesome travel app iceberg.  
MomMaps uses GPS to help you find family friendly spots when you’re away from home.  It covers mostly larger cities but once you join you can add to the network to help other families.  SitOrSquat is sponsored by Charmin and uses GPS to help you find the nearest public restroom.  Users are asked to rate the restroom so you know what you’re getting into.  Destinations like Disney Parks, Universal Parks and Cedar Point created apps to make your visit more enjoyable by allowing for ticket purchases and including interactive maps showing ride wait times and show times.  All the apps mentioned above are available on both Android and iPhone platforms.

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