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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I have a love hate relationship with cube storage.  I love the convenience of those 12 in cubes and the selection of options to fill the space for storage.  I hate that the bins just become a cluster of objects buried beneath more objects topped with a bunch of stuff.  I cringed a little when a client wanted to use cubes in her children's craft area because I envisioned a giant mass off broken crayons, capless markers and glue sticks piled into a cube.  But alas, I came up with a easy, inexpensive solutions to prevent the craft supplies from becoming great big globs of gook.

First, I divided and containerized the "drawing supplies" (think markers, colored pencils, crayons) in these clear pencil boxes (The Container Store, $2.49).  The cube will fit up to 5 of these containers.

I'm really happy with the way these containers show what is in the bin and give a home to each type of item.
I also added these Like-It Magazine Files (The Container Store, 2 for $9.99) to the bins used for the coloring books, construction paper and activity books.  Using the vertical structure of the magazine files makes finding things easier and prevents books and papers from being crushed at the bottom of the cube.

Next, I hot glued some chalkboard signs I got in the dollar bin at Michael's to use as cute and crafty labels.  Then voila!  The space is easy to use and maintain.  If you have a cute and crafty way you've organized your craft supplies or used your cube storage, please share below.  Happy Organizing!

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