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Sunday, April 3, 2016


I always credit my mom for teaching me the organizing skills I use in my business today.  From scheduling to categorization, my mom instilled a desire for all things organized in me from an early age.  And based on a recent visit to my sister’s house, she learned a few tricks from our mom too. 

She said she was tired of dealing with the mounds of small toys and the randomly mismatched bins of toy food, cars, Legos and game pieces.  So what was her solution?

She put them in a closet and took the handle off the door.  Genius!  She keeps specific bins for the toys with small parts in this closet.  The kids don’t know how to open the closet without a handle so they have to ask her to open it.  And she only allows them to get one of the bins out at a time.  Wanna play with the kitchen?  Cool. Here the play food.  Wanna switch to cars?  Great.  Pick up the toy food first then we can get the cars out.  Her kids, almost 4 and 2, have learned the routine and know they can only get one bin out at a time.  And, maybe more importantly, they know they HAVE to pick up the first bin before they can get the second bin out.

This system is great for multiple reasons.  First, it teaches kids the golden rule of organizing, “find a home for an item and when you’re finished, return the item to its home.”  Second, it helps them learn to sort and categorize like items together.  And finally, it helps control the mess in her toy area and shorten clean up time at the end of the day.  

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being for my favorite organizing ideas, I’d give this one at least a 17.  Do you have a great way you use your kids to help you stay organized?  Comment below to share!

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