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Sunday, December 18, 2016


So, I am totally that mean mom that limits the amount of candy I put in stockings (and Easter baskets for that matter).  On one hand, I like that "treats" are consumable, which fits in my organizing wheelhouse. But, my kids are also at the age where coming within a 5 foot radius of sugar makes them crazy (I'm so glad the Halloween candy is gone!)  

I do try to make my stocking stuffers a combination of useful and fun gifts.  Here are a couple ideas I have done that may get your "Practical Stocking Stuffer" juices flowing.

Fun Toothbrushes -- Both my kids and I love Firefly light up toothbrushes.  They come in lots of fun styles from Star Wars to superheroes to Barbie.  They blink for one minute to help encourage the kids to brush for a full minute.  They run a little more than a traditional toothbrush but they are so fun and we rarely have toothbrushing arguments now.  I may even get more than one this year so we can trade have enough to trade out as they get worn down (since Mom buys lame toothbrushes -- ha!) Price: around $5 depending on where you get them

Refillable Pouches -- Now that my kids are going to Lunch Bunch, they are asking for all kinds of food stuff I don't normally buy.  The environmentalist mom can't bring myself to get pouches during my weekly grocery shopping, but I did find these adorable refillable pouches from Sqooshi that would make great stocking stuffers (and for a few dollars more Mom gets a filling station to make filling easier.) Price: $14.99 for just pouches or $19.99 with filling station.
Stainless Steel Drinking Staws -- Let's face it, straws make drinking everything cooler.  But again, that eco friendly side of me hates that idea that 500 million drinking straws are thrown away everyday.  So last year, our guys got some reusable drinking straws in their stocking.  We use them almost everyday.  There are a variety of options available.  We got these from Norwex, but I was thinking of getting some wider ones that may be better for smoothies (or milkshakes, I'm not always mean.)  I will recommend a straw cleaning brush also to make it a little bit easier to clean (which also works great on sippy cup parts for those of you using those.) Price: $17 for Norwex, others available on Amazon

Do you have a great non-candy, no clutter stocking stuffer idea to share?  Please feel free to comment below and share your knowledge with the world.  Happy Holidays everyone!

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