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Monday, January 23, 2017


I never saw myself as that mom that would have different decor for every holiday.  But as the kids grew older and the crafting grew more frequent, I wanted some more "adult" looking decorations alongside the play dough shamrocks and construction paper pumpkins.  Then one evening while on a Pinterest binge looking for holiday themed coloring pages, I came across printables.  People, there are some SUPER talented artists and graphic designers out there sharing their skills with you!  Many of them offer them for free (as long as you don't sell it or try to pass it off as your own).  
I also realized that this new found holiday decoration options would be a great outlet for the frames that I had tucked away in my "Home Decor" bin in the basement (apparently I went through a major silver picture frame era and since it was neatly packed away in a bin, never revisited it after the last move).  I bought some red and white spray paint to make some of these frames look a bit more interesting.  

There are 2 super awesome things about these decorations....1) they cost pennies to make.  I usually take them to my local print shop (aka Staples) just because their quality is better than my printer.  Even then, I'm looking at about $.62 per print.  Sometimes I splurge and buy some fancy scrapbook paper to go in the background (as seen in the Valentine's and Halloween samples here).  2) everything stores in the picture frame!!!  So when the holiday changes, I just change the picture.  I like to mix them in with things I always have up so it's just enough to say "hey, it's almost (insert upcoming holiday!)"  

Do you have a great easy to make, easy to store way you bring a little holiday magic into your home?  If so, please share in the comments below!  Happy Holiday Decorating ;)

Pictured Printables
St. Patty's

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