October 04, 2017

I love collaborating with other professional organizers because we all have great ideas for solving parenting problems: too many toys and activities...not enough space and time.

Today I talk to my friend Rose Lounsbury, professional organizer and owner of Less in Dayton, Ohio about practicing minimalism as a mom of triplets.  She gives us tips on her "mom thing" and how keeping a schedule keeps her and her kids sane and a smooth running household.  She also discusses some of the misconception surrounding minimalism and where a good place to start would be if you are interested in decluttering and minimizing your home.

Here is an link to her book "Less: Minimalism for Real" (Full disclosure, this is an Amazon affiliate link):

If you would like more information on Rose's upcoming class "The Less Method" click here:

And for more about Rose, visit her website at

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