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Sunday, January 7, 2018


I LOVE decorating for the holidays but dread taking down the decorations.  

Every year as I add a little more to our festive decor, my husband warns "you're just making it harder on yourself to clean this up!" 😀🎅🎄

I figured since my decorations are still up well into January I would use it as an opportunity to share of my storage tips.  Like anything I organize, in my house or others, I think about how and when I will retrieve these items.  After all, that is why we "organize" something in the first we can find it when we need it.  

I like to break most my decor down into 2 basic categories: fixed and flexible.  The fixed items are things that basically go in one place all the time, the flexible are more knick-knack type things that I may move each year based on my decorating mood.  For instance, I always put some lighted garland and our stockings around our TV because it is the closest thing we have to a mantle.  So I store all those items (garland, lights, stocking, stocking hanger, etc) in a bin together.  That way, if I'm in a hurry to decorate or want to decorate in stages, I can pull out those fixed bins and do certain areas of the house quickly and easily.  The flexible bins contain items like my picture frames, nutcrackers and other knick knack type stuff.  I only pull these out if I know I have time to delve in and add a little extra jolly to my basic decorations. 😜

Here is a link to the bins I am using from Costco:

And here is a link to the label pockets I use from Smead:

My final tip for making decorating easier next year by putting your decorations away organized this year...put your tree away decorated.  Now, I know this won't work for all trees (and truth be told we have more than one tree) but if you can, throw some trash bags or a sheet over your tree and have someone help you carefully move it to a secure storage space.  When next year rolls around and you're itching to get your decorations out...VIOLA! Instant Christmas (with a little fluffing of course).

Be sure to add your holiday organizing tips below!

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