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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Is it just me or has every holiday turned into a candy eating, gift giving fest?  

I have barely gotten through the Valentine's spoils and now it's almost Easter!  My waistline can't handle this anymore. 😃

Watch the video here or read below:

Today I would like to give you three clutter free ideas for Easter Baskets that won't go heavy on the candy and sugar, won't contribute greatly to the clutter in your home AND will actually have some sort of purpose or function besides just being a gift.  Don't worry...they are actually kind of cute and fun too!

First, we have a Gardening Basket....I filled a large pot with a water can, some kid sized gardening tools, gloves and kneeling pad along with some plants for our garden.  My little guy loved helping me plant them outside and water with his own, personalized watering can.

Next, we have a Bike Helmet Basket...Turned upside down, a bike helmet makes a great "basket" if you did want throw in some treats. And since kids' heads aren't that big, you don't have to worry about there being too much room for treats. Ha! 

Finally, last year we did the Umbrella Basket....I get compliments all the time on these super cute umbrellas AND they are super useful in our terrible Ohio spring weather.  I just flipped the umbrellas upside down and put a little Easter grass, a couple a treats and even (gasp!) a book and a toy.  Below is a link to those super cute umbrellas I picture (Full Disclosure: it is an Amazon affiliate link):

Shark Umbrella:
Monster Umbrella:

There you have it! Three fun AND functional ideas for your family for an Easter Basket this year.  Didn't see something that piqued your interest????  Not to worry, I'll be back next week with more ideas in Part 2.  

Take care and happy organizing!

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