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Organizing Classes

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Starting January 15th, I will host 3-part, Facebook Live course called Teach Your Kids Organizing by Organizing Yourself.  The three-week class will cover topics like establishing your value system for things and time, learning to prioritize, and creating parent-life balance.  I'm excited about teaching an online class because it allows families to watch a learn on their schedule.  You can join the live chat to ask your questions and get answers immediately or watch at your leisure and message me questions once you get a chance to watch.

The Teach Your Kids Organizing by Organizing Yourself live Facebook chats will be January 15, 22, and 29, 2018 at 8pm.  They will take place in a private Facebook group that participants will gain entry to once the class fee is paid.  If participants cannot join the Live Chat, there will be a video recording available to at participants convenience and they can message or email me questions.  Admission to the group will be available after the class ends so you can continue to refer back to the videos when you need a refresher.

CLICK HERE to email me any addtional questions you have about the course.  Happy Organizing!


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